Our Services

Our firm provides consulting services in the following areas:


Federal Government Relations

At Nadik Consulting we understand the importance of addressing regulatory challenges in a timely and organized manner. Whether the issue is economic expansion, strategic positioning, or legislative affairs it is important to develop a realistic approach with obtainable goals when considering a Federal Government Relations strategy.

State & Local Government Relations

When it comes to state and local government relations the professionals at Nadik Consulting have a proven track record of developing relationships at all levels of government and understand the many intricacies involved. With many years of experience developing relationships at the state and local level, Nadik Consulting brings extensive bipartisan knowledge that empowers clients to respond to and influence public policy.

Business Development

Business development is the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships. Having a strategy for creating long-term value is critical and having Nadik Consulting on your team can make all the difference.

Lobbying & Campaign Finance Consulting

Does your company need a comprehensive review of all current political activity? Are you considering entering the federal arena to protect your business from potentially damaging legislation? The professionals at Nadik Consulting are experts at guiding clients through the many pitfalls such an undertaking can present.

Communication / Strategic PR

With the multitude of technology driven communication methods changing the way companies approach corporate communication, it is important to have professionals on your team experienced with the rapidly changing communication environment. Nadik Consulting can help guide you through the process of developing an effective communication strategy that will help you manage your reputation and stakeholder perceptions.

Issue Advocacy

Issues can be very fluid and managing your strategy throughout the entire advocacy process can be delicate. It is import to build flexibility into your plan when faced with an increasingly complex public input process. Nadik Consulting can help clients frame issues publicly using time-tested methods for developing an approach that produces results and minimizes uncertainty.